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Vasili Lights' Blog

Vasili Lights aquatic lamps are spotted in Japan!

Some of our lampshades are featured at online magazine TABI LABO, giving new inspiration to people's lifestyle and sending information to encourage action.





生物発光のようにぼんやりと光る3Dランプシェード「VasiliLights」。2015年にオランダ建築家のVasili PopovさんとLidiya Koloyarskayaさんによって共同設立されたブランドで、オランダの海辺からインスピレーションを受けたのだそう。




Jellyfish featured in Happinez!

Happy to see our Jellyfish paper lamp featured in October special, offline edition of Happinez, the magazine about wise, positive and loving life.

The Goldfish Lantern through the eyes of Lisanne van de Klift

Visit Lisanne's awesome blog. You can't take your eyes off of her photos!

Vasili Lights' New Lamps presented on ShowUp Trade Fair, September, 2018

Meet us at our stand and touch, play and look at our lamps!


Happy to see Vasili Lights' Lapu Lapu and Jellyfish lamps featured in the design & interior trend forecast 2020 of ShowUp trade fair, presented by Jan Agelink from buro jantrendman

The Lapu Lapu Lamp was a real eye-catcher at ShowUp...

Our Aquatic Lampshades Featured On MY MODERN MET

My Modern Met is an online art+culture website that reaches 3 million unique visitors per month. Happy to see it, thanks!