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What's so special about kraft paper fabric which is used to handcraft the aquatic lamps Lapu Lapu and Medusa?
People give it different names: washable paper, washable kraft paper, kraft paper fabric, leather paper, Kraft-Tex, etc. The kraft paper fabric looks and feels like paper, but it is strong and tear-resistant enough to rival leather!
It is made of natural cellulose fibers, a green and renewable resource that can be reused for a long time and it can be easily recycled. It is hard wearing, flexible and abrasion resistance. It can be spot cleaned or hand washed with mild detergent. It is lightweight, dimensionally stable and will not shrink or stretch.

What comes with Vasili Lights' DIY Paper Lamp Set?
Each set includes pre-cut paper templates, which you assemble into the actual 3D paper lampshade. Those templates are packed into a solid cardboard envelope and sent to you together with an illustrated step-by-step assembly guide. Cord set and bulb are not included.
The assembled lampshade fits around standard lightbulbs. You can easily attach it to a pendant light fitting which you have in your house.

How long does it take to assemble my Paper Lamp?
Few hours. Depends on your skills and how much of a perfectionist you are. 
Maybe it will take longer if you take a break to move your body or shift your attention sometimes but it will help you enjoy the process. See it as a way to escape stressful everyday moments. Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

What tools do I need?
Most of the work has been done. The parts have been pre-cut. The folding lines are perforated. Here's the cool piece. Just fold along the lines and glue the parts together. All you will need for successful assembly is UHU Glue or PVA Glue. Have fun!

What type of bulb should I use?
Our lampshades are for use with a LED light bulb only. We recommend 600lm (lumen) intensity to produce the same amount of light as an old 100-watt bulb.

How to place a fitting/fixture into Lapu Lapu lamp?

How to place a fitting/fixture into Medusa lamp?