Chi-Chi the Goldfish

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Make your very own Chi-Chi the Goldfish with these cool PDF templates. 
Inspired by the Fantail goldfish, we designed this pendant paper sculpture. 
During 17 century the goldfish symbolized good luck and fortune in southern Europe. 
It became a tradition for married men to give their wives a goldfish on their first anniversary, as a symbol of the prosperous years to come.
Here is what you will receive when you download your PDF Pack:
● A4 Sized Chi-Chi the Goldfish PDF Template (9 pages).
● A bonus practice model to start. 
● Step-by-step illustrated instructions (4 pages). These clearly show where to fold and glue, also include handy tips to make assembly easier. 
Follow these shortcuts, and you will have a relaxed and pleasurable experience.
We designed the Goldfish paper sculpture in such a way that it doesn’t take too long to assemble it. It may take three-plus hours of fun to complete — nothing like making a paper sculpture to relax or pass the time.

The assembled Goldfish model has a height of 38 cm, a width of 25 cm, and a length of 46 cm. It can be resized when printing.

Please note, the PDF's have no colors or textures. Print on colored paper to make a colorful model. 

Here is a list of the tools you will need:
● Printer 
● 9 A4 sheets of thick paper/card (160-210 gsm/65-105 lb)
● Cutting Tool
● Scoring Tool
● Ruler
● UHU All Purpose Adhesive or White PVA Glue

Both our 2D templates and 3D sculptures designs are protected by copyright law and are intended for personal use only. 
Use this file to make as many paper sculptures as you like for yourself or as a gift but please don’t share or steal the sculptures or templates - there was a lot of work involved in creating them.

Because of the nature of this item, unless it arrives damaged or defective, we can't accept returns for digital downloads.

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